Relocating with Seniors

Many circumstances lead to the decision to relocate senior parents. Whether it is to move them closer to family and grandchildren or because they need extra care, here are few tips to help ease the transition of senior parents to their new home.

Communication is Key

Make sure everyone is on the same page and feels ‘heard’. Try to understand the feelings your parents may be having about leaving their home and community. Focus on the positive aspects of the move.

Explore Senior Living Options

Determine which level of care or assistance is right for your family.

  • Independent Living
  • Enhanced Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care

Preparing for the Move

Packing a lifetime can be overwhelming. Help break down the process into smaller tasks. Start room by room and have a plan for how to handle unwanted items.

Determine if professional moving services will be utilized. Seek services that specialize in moving seniors.

Plan ahead for transferring medical, dental, banking and insurance records.

Make Their New Space Feel Like Home

Find ways to make their new space or home feel comfortable. Place items of special importance or of important memories in a prominent location.

Help organize their home that works best for them

Encourage Them to Make the Most of This New Opportunity

While change can be difficult, it is also an opportunity to explore new interests, find new ways to get involved and enjoy time with family.

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